Welcome to White Moon Skincare

'Inspired by the story of the white rabbit who befriended a moon goddess and made the elixir of immortality for her, White Moon is born from a desire to create kinder skincare and bring transparency to the beauty industry'. 

Based on the island of Jersey, White Moon is honest skincare crafted by years of careful research and endless curiosity.  We source pure plant-based, ethical ingredients to nurture every skin type and gently reawaken your skin's natural beauty. We combine the best of science and highest quality ingredients to provide gentle, yet effective skincare. 

Each and every product is lovingly made in small batches to maintain freshness and quality of our skincare, delivering stellar benefits to the skin. 

Our Natural, Vegan & Cruelty free products come beautifully wrapped in sustainable, recyclable packaging.


Bringing Cruelty-free products to the world is how White Moon Skincare began. Animal welfare has always been and will forever be our focus.

Our products are all 100% Cruelty-free and never tested on animals. We never sell to China and will only work with retailers who share our values.

All our formulations are Vegan friendly and completely free from animal derived ingredients.


All our outer boxes are made using FSC certified paper, produced at a paper mill in England, with sustainability being at its very core.

We use glass for all our skincare products with the tops being P.E.T recyclable plastic. We encourage our customers to reuse when finished with a product, or dispose of in the glass recycling.

*We are currently working to provide refillable pouches for our products to be available soon.


We strive to live in a world of compassion, kindness and empathy and to help improve the lives of animals around the world in need.

For every product sold we donate a proportion of our profits to different animal welfare charities, small and large.

The story behind the brand

Back in early the early 2000's I became aware of the nasty ingredient disguised in skincare products and the cruel world of animal testing in the beauty industry. There was no awareness of this back then and I found that Cruelty-free and effective, natural skincare was almost impossible to find. The desire to create my own skincare products then began.

I wanted to bring transparency to the beauty industry by informing people exactly what is in the products they choose to use on their skin and educating them on animal welfare. These are 2 things that big, well-known brands have kept hidden from their customers for decades. Before work began on creating the formulations, it was important that all ingredients were sourced only from ethical, sustainable origins and were of plant-based origin. I strongly believe that nature provides us with everything the skin needs to look and feel healthy without the need for bulk fillers, artificial fragrances, silicones etc (the endless list goes on)!

After years of hard work, passion and determination, I launched the brand Skincare with Compassion which was rebranded to White Moon Skincare in 2022, offering Natural, Cruelty-free & Vegan skincare thats kind and effective.

By helping people make more compassionate choices in life, we can take a step forward to living in a much kinder world. 

 Thank you to each and every one of our customers for your visit.